Dear Dr. Edlund,

I wanted to compliment you and your staff on the experience I had during my recent procedure done by you.

No one anticipates, or hopes, to have any type of surgery or dental work done. However, from the moment I walked into your office, until I left the office, it was a positive experience. Everyone was efficient, polite, and friendly. The office works so cohesively. I was very impressed by this. All my questions were answered by you, Bee, and all, with patience and respect. During the procedure you made sure I was not uncomfortable or experienceing any pain, which I did not.

I left the office feeling I had made the correct choice in choosing you for my procedure. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing your expertise.



Dear Mitchell,

Thank you for the professional courtesy you extended to me. Beyond that, thank you for the excellent care and treatment you rendered. Your office is stunning. Your receptionist, Laura, is a very valuable asset. Your assistants were always professional. Your calm, caring professional manner inspires confidence in any patient. While patinets may judge us on their anxiety level and any discomfort/pain they may experience, they cannot appreciate your excellent techniques and results as a fellow dentist can. The highest compliment I can pay you is that, were I a practicing dentist in this area, I would have no hesitancy in referring patients to you.

Best Wishes,



Dear Dr. Edlund and Super Staff Members,
Following my treatment for a root canal this afternoon, I felt the treatment that I received was so outstanding that I wanted to write and express my thanks.  From the moment I walked in the door and was greeted by front office staff, I was relieved to know that I was in a good spot.  Most likely I am not the first to feel apprehensive about a treatment for a root canal so I appreciated the care, explanations, and positive spirit to get me calmed down and ready to go.  I commented after the procedure that it was amazing to see the finely tuned team passing instruments back and forth with great precision.  Please know that I feel lucky that Dr. Aygen made the referral to your office.  If the opportunity arises, I will gladly make a recommendation to any friend that may also need this procedure.
Thank you very much for making a root canal a positive experience!
Peter Lueck
Thank you for the outstanding care!


I had a root canal by Dr. Edlund – he not only did an amazing job technically (I base that on low pain and fast recovery, plus he saved my crown!) but he also has great bedside manner: he explained everything he was going to do and was sincerely concerned about my comfort throughout the entire procedure. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Edlund.




This message is for Dr. Edlund who called me to see how I was doing after my root canal. I am doing well, you did an excellent job! I will definitely refer anyone I know about your office. Thanks also to your office staff who may have stayed late for my procedure. Your Awesome!

Thanks again,

S. E.


Patient called after he left your office and was very happy that you were able to do the treatment. Kudos to you and the staff!

R. at Dr. G’s Office


Dr. Edlund & Staff –

Thank you so very much for my recent appointment! It was a pleasure to meet all of you. I have recommended your office to any of my friends who might be in need of treatment and I also have shared your kindness with Dr. F.

Thank you,



You all have been great.  I have a high regard for any health care practitioner who treats each case individually. Your research into the facts was very welcome and appreciated.

Thanks again for your care.


Just a note to thank each one of you, Laura, Dawn, and especially Dr.Edlund for your kindness and caring. The quality level of professional care you offer is unsurpassed in my experience. Thanks again for a truly exceptional experience.



Dr. Edlund,

I wanted to thank you again for the quality treatment today.  You and your staff made what would otherwise be a stressful event as comfortable as possible.  I also really appreciate the kind professional courtesy that you extended.



Dr. Edlund –

I just wanted to thank you again for helping make sure my little girl’s front teeth were done just right! As a former dental hygienist, I think that’s my worst nightmare 🙁 You guys made it a good experience for all of us. Many, many thanks!



Dr. Edlund is one of the few dental professionals I have met that truly cares about his patients and goes above and beyond to see that each patient has the best care possible! I am spreading the word…Dr. Edlund for Endo!



Dear Dr. Edlund & Wonderful Staff,

Thank you so much for kindly getting my son in to see Dr. Edlund this week. I’m elated that his tooth is OK and that we can travel with peace of mind 🙂 It’s a blessing to have all of you as a part of our healthcare team!




Dr. Mitch Edlund –

Thank you so much for investing into our community with your time and talents at the “Day of Hope” event! You truly brought so many smiles to the students and families. Thank you, and be blessed!




Thank you for repairing my tooth last week. Your obvious expertise and professionalism are greatly appreciated. I have been pain-free since.

Best Regards,



Dr. Mitchell Edlund and Staff –

Bless you for fixing my tooth and helping me to get a smile I can love.

Thank you,



Dear Dr. Edlund and the ENTIRE STAFF,

“I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you all my heart has no bottom.”

I must admit it was not easy/pleasant for me leading up to my root canal. But you and your entire staff made me feel comfortable,and at ease. Thank you for being there for me!



Just wanted to thank Dr. Endlund and staff for the kind/efficient/professional treatment I received this past Wednesday for my root canal procedure.  I feel very fortunate that you took me as a patient (without referral) and that you were able to fit me in (same day). All is good! Again, thank you for everything.



Dr. Edlund and Incredible Staff-

This is the first time I have ever written about any doctor. I have to tell you, thanks to you and your staff my visit was the most pleasant experience in every way. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wants a professional, personable human being. Gerry and Denise M


Dr. Edlund & Staff –

I am grateful for the kindness and consideration to me and for taking time to listen to my concerns. I appreciate all of you. From the time I got there to the time I left, I was helped every step of the way, even to the front office manager writing out the check for me because I was too shaky.

Thank you,



Dear Dr. Edlund and Tremendous Team:

Yesterday was my very first root canal. I traveled almost an hour to see you knowing that there are many qualified specialists closer, but here are a few words as to why I did:

1- Results: Nobody gets better results than you!

2- Experience: Wow! No pain! Precise perfection and extremely professional. Such a caring attitude from all!

3- Confidence: Not only do I continually see the best results in root canals, but every patient of yours gives you and your team the highest of praise.

4- Ethics/Integrity – TRUST!

This experience for me – and the results achieved – Perfect! And today, NO PAIN! Thanks from the bottom of my heart.



Dr. Edlund has cared for my “root canal” problems many times in the last few years. He is much more thorough than my previous endodontists. He is very capable, and has been successful in resolving my problem. The office staff is also very competent. Should I need that kind of care again, I will certainly call him.

William Atz, M.D.

Bill Atz


A big shout out to Dr Edlundcand his staff. They are all amazing! I’m such a sissy when it comes to any kind of dental work. Dr Edlund and his staff took such great care to make sure I was comfortable during my root canal. All went well! Thank you all again!


Susan Spalthoff


I cannot begin to say what a fantastic office this is. From start to finish I was treated with kindness, respect, and understanding. I had an unexpected, somewhat urgent root canal and was in a lot of pain. They worked me in for a consult immediately and then I was able to have my procedure the next day. My comfort was the utmost priority. Dr. Edlund explained everything he was doing, or what I could expect to hear or feel, and it was very reassuring. I will absolutely recommend this office to anyone who needs an endodontic procedure.

Hilary Kustrin


Just a note to say how appreciative and impressed I was with the exceptional service and treatment I received from Dr. Edlund. My first root canal was clearly explained, carefully executed , finished in 40 minutes, and done totally without pain. I thank you for that and for my entirely new view of root canals.

Homer Moyer


Thank you all for the excellent treatment you provided me during my recent visit. I’m so glad that you were open during this difficult covid-19 time. I was having terrible pain and needed a root canal. You were all very patient and professional. I’d highly recommend you !!



Going in for a Root canal was a challenge for both Dr. Edlund and myself. I have TMJ so I can’t open my mouth up like most people out there. I can’t even eat a sandwich without cutting it up. Dr. Edlund was so kind and understanding this was as hard on him as it was me. I would highly recommend him for your Endodontic needs.

Rita B